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The Transportation Museum
San Carlos, California

Andrew Mancini, Director

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The Transportation Museum

Celebrating 12 Years

When museum curator Andrew Mancini was five years old, he started the Transportation Museum as a one-day event. Today, 12 years later, each year's museum features new, interesting exhibits that are sure to please visitors of all ages—even if you don't love transportation.

Each of the Transportation Museum's exhibits are interactive and educational. Guests can program miniature robots to drive a certain route, while learning about technology and recent developments in the self-driving car industry.

All aboard! The 12th Annual Transportation Museum is coming on Sunday, October 27, from 10-3 at Brittan Acres Elementary School in San Carlos. Exhibits include the lasting impacts of the Transcontinental Railroad, transit villages in the Bay Area, a transit-themed escape room, and more! Click here for additional details >

Guests have a blast controlling their own airplane on a flight simulator.
Learn about the differences between Uber, Lyft, and taxis in this Transportation Museum exhibit.
Create Your Own Airplane

A visitor uses software at the museum to design the look of his own airplane.