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Museum Exhibits

Analyzing the legacy of the Transcontinental Railroad. Exploring solutions to Bay Area traffic. Simulating the Wright Brothers' historic flight in 1903. Programming miniature robots to simulate the technology inside self-driving cars. Solving an Amtrak-themed escape room.
Over the past 13 years, The Transportation Museum's exhibits have spanned various modes of transportation, time periods, and locales — each including thought-provoking information and hands-on activities to appeal to museum visitors of all ages.

Ride Hailing

This Month's Featured Exhibit: GET A R1DE

Each month, The Transportation Museum highlights one of its past exhibits, making some of the content shown in the museum available to visitors online, in the form of videos, documents, and more. This month's exhibit, GET A R1DE, compares taxis with ride hailing services like Uber and Lyft, analyzing components like the cost of travel, safety, and more.


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Exhibits Archive

Over the past 13 years, the museum has maintained its goal of presenting guests with all-new exhibits each year — so visitors have enjoyed countless exhibits over the years! A short description of each display, from the 6th Annual Transportation Museum in 2013 (at right, the Bricksboro exhibit highlighting two types of bridges made from K'NEX and LEGOs, in 2013), to the present, has been added to the museum's website. Explore the vast changes in the content and design of each exhibit over the years on our Exhibits Archive. 


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Online Exhibits

Just because The Transportation Museum isn't open doesn't mean you can't learn more about transportation! Stay updated on the exciting world of transportation by browsing through the museum's online-only exhibits, featuring an in-depth look at topics from previous museum exhibits.


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Looking to browse through some of the museum's other previous exhibits?

In addition to this month's Featured Exhibit, various other displays are available online, including the three exhibits below from the museum's earlier years. Click the exhibits below to read through the information online, including links to videos and additional details. To see a list of all the museum's previous exhibits, click here to view the Exhibits Archive >

Around the World with Trip Planning

A comparison of Airbnb, ​TripAdvisor, and VRBO. Packing tips. Busting travel myths. The benefits of booking with travel agents. Get the best tips here on travel and trip planning.

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London Underground

Discover more about London's famous subway system, including everything from CCTV cameras to ​building your own tunnel using sand. Test your knowledge of British words!

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