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The Transportation Museum
San Carlos, California

Andrew Mancini, Director

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Explore some of the museum's best exhibits in our rotating Featured Exhibits section.

Submarine Dive


Submarines are an interesting form of transportation. Learn how they work and then make your own toy submarine that submerges and rises on its own.


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Trip Planning


A comparison of Airbnb, TripAdvisor, and VRBO. Packing tips. Busting travel myths. Information about travel agents. Get the best tips on trip planning.


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London Underground


Learn about London's famous subway system and CCTV cameras, test your knowledge of British words and phrases, and build your own tunnel using sand.


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Learn about one of the museum's past exhibits in our rotating, monthly Spotlight Exhibit. This month's exhibit compares taxis with ride hailing services like Uber and Lyft, analyzing the cost, safety, and more.

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Browse through the museum's past exhibits from 2012 on. You can read through a short description of each exhibit and then decide which one is your favorite!

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Stay updated in the exciting world of transportation by browsing through the Online Exhibits. Similar to the exhibits at the museum, they offer an in-depth look at a transportation-related topic.

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A Funny Video: Split Car (from Candid Camera)

Enjoy a short Candid Camera episode involving a split car.