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Our Collection

Over the years, the museum has acquired an extensive collection of transportation-related artifacts, memorabilia, promotional items, and more. Museum Director Andrew Mancini is currently in the process of cataloging this collection, so that these items are more easily displayed to the public, both online and at museum exhibits. To visit the old collections page, click here.

In the meantime, also enjoy this video of an Amtrak slamming passengers with snow!

The Transportation Museum is an annual one-day event featuring interesting and educational exhibits related to all kinds of transportation, held each October at Brittan Acres Elementary School in San Carlos, CA. Founded by Andrew Mancini at the age of 5, the museum has since grown to be a unique and fun event for visitors of all ages over the past 12 years. We look forward to having you visit at the 13th Annual museum in summer 2021!

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