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London Underground—Transportation Museum 2014

Everything at the 7th Annual Transportation Museum was London-themed, including the museum's main exhibit. Guests learned about the Tube system, CCTV cameras, audio recordings, and built tunnels out of sand.

Building Tunnels

Guests shoveled sand into a box and then began to dig a hole through the side of the box with a metal PVC pipe. Stopping occasionally to empty out their pipe, guests kept digging a straight line through the box. When they reached the other side, they would insert a train car and then could see from the back of the box the tunnel they had built.

45% of the London Underground system is made up of tunnels. There are 113 miles of underground track.

CCTV Cameras

In the London Underground system, there are 15,216 CCTV Cameras, which film the average Londoner 30-40 times per trip. At the museum, there was only one camera, and guests could make silly faces while learning more about the subway's many cameras. The station with the most CCTV Cameras is Kings Cross St. Pancras, with 408! Click here to read some more facts about CCTV Cameras and their history.

Like London

When I visited London in 2013, I loved the city, particularly the Underground. This museum exhibit tried to recreate the feeling of being on the subway. In the background, commonly-heard phrases like "Mind the Gap" played on recordings. For travelers like me who had experience the London Underground before, this exhibit was a way to relive that—without the smelliness and tightness of a Tube train!


In addition to building a tunnel, guests could play London Underground-themed games. In Spoof Tube Announcements, 

guests were challenged to guess which announcements were real and fake. In British to English Words, guests matched English words with British words that were provided. London's Travelers was a game I invented, where players had to get from one stop to another in as little stops as possible. 

Like the London Underground?

I do, and I love the London Board Game! As a player, your goal is to get through London, stopping at 6 specific stops along the way, and then return to your starting station before anyone else does. It's a fun game for everyone, even if you haven't memorized all your stops, because the game comes with a giant map board. To learn more about the game and purchase it, click here.

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