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Online Exhibits

Just because The Transportation Museum isn't open doesn't mean that you can't explore more in the world of transportation. In the museum's Online Exhibits gallery, you can learn more about transit current events and discover additional insights into your favorite past Transportation Museum exhibits.

In partnership with Amtrak


Explore Amtrak's updated PDF timetables, complete with station and route services, thruway connecting bus schedules, and more. Timetables are currently available for the Heartland Flyer, Missouri River Runner, Southwest Chief, and Texas Eagle.

Texas Eagle.jpg

In partnership with Amtrak


To engage and educate passengers along Amtrak's Texas Eagle route between Chicago and San Antonio, the National Park Service and Texas A&M University developed a series of podcast episodes to narrate historical and scenic points of interest. Today, The Transportation Museum houses this collection of episodes for Amtrak travelers.

Based on SF → LA (The Transportation Museum, 2016)


For a research project and potential future museum exhibit, Museum Director Andrew Mancini is collecting data points for an investigation measuring how California's geography and transportation infrastructure will influence the success of high-speed rail. You are invited to take a short survey to share your perspective on high-speed rail in the state.

Survey Image.jpg

Based on The Mail Must Go Through! (The Transportation Museum, 2015)


Learn about the Wells Fargo stagecoach, communication aided by the telegraph, and the Pony Express, three inventions of the mid-19th century that helped to develop the West and forever changed our nation's history. Portions of this online exhibit come from the Wells Fargo History Museum in Old Town Sacramento. 

Based on SF → LA (The Transportation Museum, 2016)


On March 9, 2018, the California High-Speed Rail Authority published its biennial business plan. Among the changes, the cost has risen to $77.3 billion (double the original plan), the system has extended construction by 3 years, and the travel time between San Francisco, the Central Valley, and Los Angeles has increased.

Based on Amtrak (The Transportation Museum, 2014)


Amtrak, America's national passenger rail service, has always been threatened by federal budget cuts. But President Trump's budget proposal for the 2019 U.S. Budget, released in February 2018, threatened to eliminate many of Amtrak's scenic, long-distance routes. Thankfully, over $2 billion in funding was passed to keep Amtrak alive.

Based on The Transportation Museum's History


The Sunnyvale Heritage Park Museum, a local history museum located in Sunnyvale, wrote a short article about The Transportation Museum in their January/February 2018 newsletter, following the visit of two of their docents to the 10th Annual Transportation Museum. Read the article, and learn more about the Sunnyvale Heritage Park Museum.

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