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The 12th Annual Transportation Museum, held in October 2019,
brought together over 300 visitors to explore unique and relevant exhibits
and participate in exciting transit-themed activities.


Explore the stories from this year's museum below.


Highlights from the 12th Annual Transportation Museum in San Carlos, CA

By the Numbers



Number of visitors who explored interactive, educational exhibits at this year's museum


Number of transit-themed exhibits and activities, ranging from the Transcontinental Railroad to transit villages in the Bay Area


Number of student exhibitors who presented captivating displays, including a realistic flight simulator (guided by a student pilot) and an analysis of innovative solutions to Bay Area traffic


Estimated number of LEGOs which guests used to build a mock-up of a local transit village


Number of California High-Speed Rail stickers passed out by a high-speed rail representative at the museum


Number of minutes guests had to solve the 
air traffic control-themed escape room to prevent an arriving plane from crash landing


Fastest time recorded by a visitor navigating a remote-controlled SamTrans bus through an obstacle course


Year that The Transportation Museum was created, inside the home of Museum Director Andrew Mancini, at the age of 5

From the Transcontinental Railroad to the world's most extreme airports. 
Discover the stories from the exhibits at the museum.

Scroll through the gallery to explore the exhibits. To learn more about an exhibit and how it was created, click the exhibit's picture.

Other exhibits and activities included...

Transit Virtual Reality

Travel on 4 trains around the world, in 360-degree VR

Remote-Controlled SamTrans Bus

Navigate through a San Mateo County obstacle course, complete with a remote-controlled SamTrans bus
(on loan from SamTrans)

Transit Photo Booth

Snap a photo of yourself inside some of the most famous transit scenes from movies

Transit Champions

Simulate Amtrak and Greyhound's intense competition in this Extreme Connect 4 challenge

Transit Agency Booths

Discuss the future of transit at outreach booths from the Metropolitan Transit Commission, the CA High-Speed Rail Authority, and SamTrans

Bus Driver Simulator

Get ready to test your driving skills on the museum's fast and fun bus driving simulator!


The excitement. The fun. The creativity. The spark of knowledge.
Browse photos that capture the museum's spirit.


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The Transportation Museum has transformed itself over the years.
Check out plans for next year's museum, the 13th annual.

Over the Years, a Common Goal

From expanding in size to adding multimedia displays, the museum has transformed significantly over the years — but, since the very first museum in the summer of 2008, The Transportation Museum has focused on one common goal: educating the public about transportation in an engaging, interactive manner.

Early visitors to the museum enjoyed large-scale displays of historic maps and schedules from Bay Area transit agencies and fan-favorite games like a transit-themed game show and slot car racing. Today, upwards of 10 new exhibits and activities each year, ranging in themes as diverse as the Transcontinental Railroad and an air traffic control-themed escape room, help make the museum an enjoyable time for all visitors, transit fanatics or not.

LEGO Display on Arch and Truss Bridges, 2013

The 13th Annual Transportation Museum: Come Along for the Ride

The future offers a unique set of challenges — including the current health situation, of course, but also the logistics of organizing a museum in college (Andrew is beginning his senior year of high school in the fall of 2020). In the meantime, however, the spring of 2021 offers the chance to celebrate 13 years of transportation through the best exhibits and activities that museum visitors have seen. A display at the museum will incorporate the museum's 13 years of history, tying in with the event's theme, Come Along for the Ride.


At the current time, the museum does not plan to host an event in the fall of 2020 (as it would typically, since the 12th Annual museum was held in October 2019). Although the museum is conducting research on the feasibility of hosting online exhibits and other activities, the hope is that in-person activities can resume by the spring or summer of 2021 so that the museum's unique, hands-on activities can operate under normal circumstances. If you are interested in continuing to learn about transit before the next museum, check out our online exhibits.

Some previous visitors have asked about the museum in 2021. Updates on the date, location, and logistics of the 13th Annual Transportation Museum in 2021 will be posted on this website. If you would prefer to be notified directly, via email, of any updates, fill out this contact form and leave your email so that the museum can contact you.

Until then, the world of transportation will be waiting for you to explore it!

The Transportation Museum is an annual one-day event featuring interesting and educational exhibits related to all kinds of transportation, held each October at Brittan Acres Elementary School in San Carlos, CA. Founded by Andrew Mancini at the age of 5, the museum has since grown to be a unique and fun event for visitors of all ages over the past 12 years. We look forward to having you visit at the 13th Annual museum in Spring 2021!

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