About the Museum

Founded in 2008 and celebrating 13 years in 2021, The Transportation Museum is a one-day annual event featuring interactive and educational exhibits related to all kinds of transportation. Each of the exhibits and activities are created by now 17-year-old Andrew Mancini and displayed at Brittan Acres Elementary School in San Carlos. More than 300 visitors of all ages attend the museum annually, captivated by the relevant, thought-provoking exhibits and the exciting, hands-on activities at the museum.


What is The Transportation Museum like?

Each year, the Multi-Use Room of Brittan Acres Elementary School is converted into a museum with 10-12 different exhibits and displays, covering topics from the legacy of the Transcontinental Railroad and space travel to Mars to an air traffic control-themed escape room and an activity where guests can build their own transit village out of LEGO bricks. Over the years, the museum has expanded to include various types of transportation and time periods in history. Museum admission is always free of charge. The museum in Summer 2021 will be the 13th Annual Transportation Museum.

Who is the museum designed for?

Attendance at the 12th Annual Transportation Museum in 2019 included over 300 visitors who came from across the San Francisco Bay Area to attend the museum. Because of its unique combination of educational exhibits and hands-on activities, the museum is designed for visitors of all ages, including families with children, as you'll see in the gallery to the right. Numerous teachers from local elementary, middle, and high schools have attended the museum to explore the exhibits and discover new insights in the world of transportation. All guests —  transit fanatics or not — are welcome at the museum!


How did The Transportation Museum begin?

At the age of five, Museum Director Andrew Mancini had such a passion for transportation that he founded The Transportation Museum as a way to share his excitement and passion for transportation with others. In the years since, the museum has acquired an extensive collection of transportation memorabilia and artifacts, attracted hundreds of visitors, featured countless exhibits, and expanded from Andrew's house to a local school.


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When is the 13th Annual Transportation Museum coming?

The 13th Annual Transportation Museum will be held in Summer 2021, pending health and safety regulations, at a local school in San Carlos. An exact date has not yet been set. For more information, read this update from Museum Director Andrew Mancini on plans for next year's museum. Updates on the museum, including logistics for the event, will be posted on this website, so check back in the fall for additional details. 
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