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The Transportation Museum
San Carlos, California

Andrew Mancini, Director

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Museum History

Since 2008, the Transportation Museum has been a unique, one-day event for toddlers, adults, and everyone in between. Each year, visitors are treated to interactive and educational exhibits related to all kinds of transportation, from the Pony Express and solving Bay Area traffic to programming miniature robots and solving an Amtrak-themed escape room.

Museum History

As a young child, museum director Andrew Mancini loved transportation of all kinds, especially trains. By age 5, he had memorized all the stations on the Caltrain line and all the train engine numbers.


When Andrew was 5, in the summer of 2008, Andrew started The Transportation Museum at his house, inviting his neighbors and friends over. The first few museums occurred over the summer.

In 2013, to expand the museum's collection, Andrew wrote letters to transit agencies in the 40 largest cities in the U.S. Over 75% of the transit agencies wrote back, and they sent schedules, maps, and fun items branded with their logo.

In 2015, the museum moved to Brittan Acres Elementary School. The number of exhibits increased, and attendance reached 100 people in one day. The new space allows for more flexibility in the design of exhibits, including a 30-foot-long zipline, an Everglades Airboat "ride," and an escape room.

A longtime visitor favorite, the Bus Driver simulation game has been featured at the museum since 2013.

Museum Curator: Andrew Mancini

Andrew at the San Francisco Streetcar Museum in 2008 and 2016.

At a young age, Andrew was fascinated by all kinds of transportation, especially the local bus and train routes near his home. At age 5, he had memorized all the SamTrans lines and Caltrain locomotives, and it was at this time—in the summer of 2008, when Andrew was five years old—that he created the first Transportation Museum.

Andrew's interest in transportation expanded to travel, both locally and globally, and history, especially the 1800's in California and Nevada history. He loves traveling to off-the-beaten path places (like the middle of Nevada or the small towns of California's Central Valley), staying at unique hotels and eating at unusual restaurants, and visiting each town's local history museum. (For Andrew's favorite things to do locally, see the Bay Area Attractions page.) Every year, Andrew plans a trip in the West that involves a night on Amtrak, and it's always a memorable experience.

Through elementary and middle school, Andrew kept the museum going, and by the 10th Annual Transportation Museum, he had begun high school. "I'm planning to continue the Transportation Museum for as long as I can!" Andrew says.


When Andrew isn't planning a trip or designing the next year's Transportation Museum, he is often reading about travel, practicing the trombone, or rooting for the New York Mets. Andrew goes to Sequoia High School and lives in San Carlos.

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Curious about the museum or Andrew's interest in transportation? Feel free to send him an email, no matter what you want to know.