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The Transportation Museum
San Carlos, California

Andrew Mancini, Director

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How big is the museum?

The museum is like a collection of different science fair exhibits. Unlike other transportation museums, the Transportation Museum does not focus on one mode of transportation, or one time period, or one location. Instead, the museum explores all of these combinations.

In recent years, there have been 10-15 different exhibits at each museum. The 1st through 7th museums were located at Andrew's house, but the museum outgrew that and moved to the Multi-Use Room at Brittan Acres Elementary School, a space that allows for more exhibits, larger exhibits, and more creative exhibits.

What if I don't like transportation?

Don't worry—you'll still enjoy the museum! If you don't like transportation, you'll probably learn even more from the exhibits. There are numerous interactive parts of the museum. At the 2016 museum, for example, guests searched through a suitcase for transportation collectibles, tasted "astronaut" ice cream, matched hotel logos with hotel brands, drove a remote-controlled bus, played a fantastic bus driver simulation game, watched scenes from transportation movies, flew a plane, built a boat, and stepped aboard a boat on the museum's "ride," The Glades Runner Airboat Experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

The Transportation Museum isn't your average museum. If it's your first time visiting the museum or you need a refresher on what to expect, read answers to common guest questions.

What are the exhibits like?

Each of the museum exhibits are different. Most exhibits are not repeated year to year. Each exhibit is both educational and interactive, and each exhibit is for kids and adults. For example, in the Float Your Boat exhibit at the 2016 museum, guests learned why boats float and what buoyancy and water displacement is. Then, guests worked to build a boat out of LEGOs that could carry cargo containers while remaining afloat!

Are all ages allowed?

Definitely, and our exhibits are made for all ages, too!

Can I invite my friends and other people?

Yes! If you know of families, friends, or neighbors who would enjoy a fun day of games, exhibits, and activities, tell them about the museum.

How did the museum get started?

To read the museum's history, click here.

What have been some of the past exhibits?

View our exhibits page for a list of all of the museum's past exhibits.