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The Transportation Museum

Celebrating 13 Years

When museum curator Andrew Mancini was five years old, he started The Transportation Museum as a one-day annual event. Today, nearly 13 years later, each year's museum brings over 300 visitors around the Bay Area to enjoy interactive and educational exhibits related to all kinds of transportation.

California High-Speed Rail Authority
Vroom! Vroom! Self-Driving Cars

Combining thought-provoking and educational exhibits with hands-on activities, the museum's exhibits are designed for all ages — ranging from programming miniature robots, as a way to simulate self-driving cars, to taste-testing astronaut ice cream to learn what life is like in space.

The 12th Annual Transportation Museum brought community members and transportation enthusiasts alike to San Carlos, California. Exhibits and activities included the lasting impacts of the Transcontinental Railroad, transit villages, an airport-themed escape room, and more! 
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Amtrak Escape Room
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