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California's Geography and High-Speed Rail

Museum Director Andrew Mancini is investigating how California's geography and transportation infrastructure will influence the ridership — and, ultimately, success — of California's high-speed rail service. You're invited to participate in a short survey, where your responses will serve as important data points in Andrew's investigation.

Click the link to be directed to a short survey, designed by Andrew for the project to gather important data. The entire survey should take about 10—15 minutes, and kids and adults are encouraged to take it. No prior knowledge of high-speed rail is needed. Your participation is greatly appreciated.

About The Transportation Museum

Founded in 2008 and celebrating 13 years in 2024, The Transportation Museum is a one-day annual event featuring interactive and educational exhibits related to all kinds of transportation. Each of the exhibits and activities are created by Andrew Mancini, who began the museum at the age of five. Exhibits at the most recent museum included transit villages in the Bay Area, the legacy of the Transcontinental Railroad, an air traffic control-themed escape room, a remote-controlled bus obstacle course, booths from local transit agencies, and more, all held at Brittan Acres Elementary School in San Carlos, CA.


Exploring the 150-year legacy of the


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Additional Details about the Survey

Andrew is conducting research to evaluate how various geographic factors influence the success of high-speed rail services. The survey includes several questions about your travel experiences within California, and then asks you to evaluate the likelihood of you riding high-speed rail based on various factors, like the distance to the nearest station and trip length. At the end of the survey, there is a short summary of the current plans for high-speed rail in California, in case you're curious.

Although the information contained in the survey is accurate and designed using information from California's High Speed Rail Authority, the survey is independent of the Authority. Your responses will only be used to assist with Andrew's investigation.

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