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Exhibits > 2016 Exhibits > Lights, Camera, Action: Transit in Movies

Lights, Camera, Action: Transit in Movies (Transportation Museum 2016)

Watch some fantastic, thrilling transportation-related scenes from movies and television shows. Scroll down to watch some videos and learn about other movies to watch.

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Lights, Camera, Action: Transit in Movies

Lights, Camera, Action: Transit in Movies

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What movies and episodes were featured in the exhibit?

From the video above, you've seen a preview of unique transportation movies and TV episodes. Next time you're looking for a family-friendly, sure-to-be-a-hit movie, try one of these!

Bullitt (1968): Senator Walter Chalmers is aiming to take down mob boss Pete Ross with the help of testimony from the criminal’s hothead brother Johnny is in protective custody in San Francisco under the watch of police lieutenant Frank Bullitt (Steve McQueen). When a pair of mob hitmen enter the scene, Bullitt follows their trail through a maze of complications and double-crosses, leading to one of the most famous car-chase scenes ever filmed. Rated PG. 

IMDb Link >     Rotten Tomatoes (97%) Link >

Unstoppable (2010): When a massive, unmanned locomotive roars out of control, the threat is more ominous than just a derailment. The train is laden with toxic chemicals, and an accident would decimate human life and cause an environmental disaster. The only hope of bringing the train to a safe stop is in the hands of a veteran engineer (Denzel Washington) and a young conductor (Chris Pine), who must risk their lives to save those in the runaway's path. This movie is inspired by true events. Rated PG-13. 

IMDb Link >     Rotten Tomatoes (86%) Link >

Duel (1971): David Mann (Dennis Weaver), a mild mannered electronics salesman, is driving crosscountry on a two-lane highway when he encounters an old oil tanker driven by an unseen driver who seems to enjoy annoying him with dangerous antics on the road. Unable to escape the menacing big rig, David finds himself in a dangerous game of cat and mouse with the monstrous truck, resulting in a fantastic climax and incredible ending. Duel is one of Steven Spielberg's earliest films. Rated PG.

IMDb Link >     Rotten Tomatoes (88%) Link >

The Twilight Zone: Nightmare at 20,000 Feet (1963): While traveling by airliner, Bob Wilson thinks he sees a gremlin on the wing. Bob tries to alert his wife and the flight crew to the gremlin's presence, but every time someone else looks out of the window, the gremlin leaps out of view, so Bob's claim seems outlandish. Bob realizes that his wife he is going crazy, but his bigger concern is that, if nothing is done about the gremlin, it will damage the airliner and cause it to crash. Rated PG. 

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Have you seen any of these movies, or want to recommend another movie? Leave us a note here!

What other transportation-themed shows should you watch?

Here are some other fun movies! Click the movie title to learn more at IMDb.

In Final Run (1999), a new, computer-controlled train loses control due to an error in the system and speeds out-of-control while Glen Singer (Robert Urich) attempts to stop it. Rated PG. 

The Lady Vanishes (1938) takes place on a train headed for England, where young Iris (Margaret Lockwood) befriends elderly Miss Froy (Dame May Whitty). When Iris suffers a bout of unconsciousness and wakes to find the old woman has disappeared, the other passengers ominously deny Miss Froy ever existed, so Iris begins to investigate. Not Rated. 

Based on the events of the Apollo 13 lunar mission, Apollo 13 (1995) stars astronauts Jim Lovell (Tom Hanks), Fred Haise, and Jack Swigert, who must work together to get back to Earth when numerous technical problems threaten their safety. Rated PG. 

In Flightplan (2005), airplane engineer Kyle Pratt (Jodie Foster) is heading home from Germany to New York on an airplane with her young daughter. But three hours into the flight, she awakens to find her daughter missing—and the entire flight crew, including Captain Rich (Sean Bean) and Air Marshal Gene Carson (Peter Sarsgaard), claims that the child was never on board. Rated PG-13.

Murder on the Orient Express (1974) combines an intriguing mystery with a humorous script and a wonderful setting—a passenger carriage on the world-famous Orient Express train. Based on a book written by Agatha Christie, the movie's plot twists will certainly keep all ages of viewers in suspense! Rated PG.

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