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This Year's Exhibits

It's an annual tradition to give museum guests a sneak-peek of this year's exhibits. While this year's exhibits will be different than past years, they will have some similarities: a transportation theme, educational elements, and, most importantly, interactive components.

Reaching California

The museum's largest exhibit this year is Reaching California, which gives visitors a glimpse of what life was like on the trail headed to the goldfields of California. As a visitor, you get to make decisions on how to face the difficulties of the trip. Will you take the shortcut to save time? How will you deal with the ever-present threat of cholera?

Flight Simulation

Now in its 3rd year, this exhibit, hosted by student pilot Brandan D, gives visitors the chance to fly a plane on a realistic simulator, while learning how flying works and what aeronautics is. Guests always enjoy this exhibit!

Hot Air Balloons

Ask most people who pioneered human flight, and they'll answer the Wright Brothers. But 120 years earlier, another set of brothers created the first practical hot air balloons. Learn how this unique mode of transit works and then make your own version out of Legos!

Photo Gallery

View some photos of past exhibits to get a glimpse of what this year's museum will look like.

Float Your Boat

Build a boat out of Legos with the goal of seeing how many Lego cargo containers you can add without in sinking!

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