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  • Finish Exhibits Archive (i.e. at least 2012-2014 : use maps, and ideally all the way to 2008)

  • Design Online Exhibits: just like the main pages, 1-2 sentences of text + picture + date + link; each online exhibit has a specialty page

  • Change Featured Exhibits: could be Space, Highway 50, and/or Pioneers

  • Continue Things to Do: make a PDF of fun things to do (by area)

  • Continue Things to Do: make PDFs of similar-grouped things: train rides in the area, etc.

  • Continue Things to Do: include links to interviews I conducted with the museums over Winter Break 2016

  • Other website-related ideas from 5-year plan (look at every year, not just 2018!)

  • COLLECTIONS: entire site/program? link to it from website

  • Area/section that highlights different transit agencies


  1. Copy page, link old month's exhibit from the Exhibit Archives + make it blue

  2. Copy page, design new month's Spotlight Exhibit

  3. When it's time to get rid of the old exhibit and publish it, copy all the work (not the page) on the 2nd copied page (where the new month is) directly to the Spotlight Exhibit page

  4. Delete 2nd copied page

  5. Change descriptions (not links!): from the Exhibits page, under Exhibit Archive; from the Home Page (change color as well, on Celebrating 10 Years also); 

  6. Update Page SEO for spotlight; as well as picture on Home page


  • About (Subpage): What is the Musuem?

  • Frequently Asked Questions


  • Spotlight Exhibit

  • SF --> LA

  • Trip Planning

  • London Underground

  • Things to Do (just East Bay & South Bay)


Yay! July 9, 2018 - WEBSITE FINISHED
WE BEGIN TM 2018 - 11th Annual Transportation Museum!

When is the 13th Annual Transportation Museum coming?

The 13th Annual Transportation Museum will be held in Summer 2021, pending health and safety regulations, at a local school in San Carlos. An exact date has not yet been set. For more information, read this update from Museum Director Andrew Mancini on plans for next year's museum. Updates on the museum, including logistics for the event, will be posted on this website, so check back in the fall for additional details. 
In the meantime, if you're still looking to discover more about The Transportation Museum and its history, check out:

11th Annual Transportation Museum

October 2018 — San Carlos, CA

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The Transportation Museum Mission

To educate people of all ages about the fascinating world of transportation, in an interactive way.

River Runner Timetable - 7/18

S. W. Chief - 7/18

First-time and long-time visitors enjoyed the museum's activities.
Hear what guests say about 12 years of transportation.

In this section, we highlight several stories from visitors to The Transportation Museum over the years. Click on a story to expand it. To share your own story that can be featured here, contact the museum.

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