The Transportation Museum 2022

After a temporary pause due to the changing health situation, The Transportation Museum has resumed plans for a 13th annual event in Spring 2022—bringing back the same hands-on programming and transportation displays visitors have come to expect, with all-new exhibits on relevant topics in transportation and urban development. We're excited for the event, and we appreciate the patience and support of the museum community during the past year (and we hope you're excited for the next museum, too!).

The exact date of next year's museum is unknown, as is the location, although
Museum Director Andrew Mancini is exploring a venue in the San Carlos area or on Stanford University's campus. Check back here in December 2021 for further updates and details, or if you're interested in volunteering or exhibiting a display at the museum.

(Updated as of September 23, 2021)

What is The Transportation Museum?

Founded in 2008 and celebrating 13 years in Spring 2022, The Transportation Museum is a one-day annual event featuring interactive and educational exhibits related to all kinds of transportation. Each of the exhibits and activities are created by Andrew Mancini, who began the museum at the age of five. More than 300 visitors of all ages attend the museum annually, captivated by the relevant, thought-provoking exhibits and the hands-on activities at the museum. Exhibits at the most recent museum included transit villages in the Bay Area, the legacy of the Transcontinental Railroad, an air traffic control-themed escape room, a remote-controlled bus obstacle course, booths from local transit agencies, and more, all held in San Carlos, CA.


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